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At Lakehead University's Centre for Analytical Services we meet your analytical needs with accurate and fast service. The broad multi-disciplinary expertise and state of the art analytical equipment at Lakehead can provide you with many testing services, all under one roof.
For accredited services, the Lakehead University Environmental laboratory [LUEL] operates and implements the ISO17025 accredited Quality Assurance Management system. The Laboratory is accredited to ISO17025 for various parameters (see scope at
The list below includes many of the services we provide. 
Biomass Characterization
Customized Analytical Services (Contact us
DNA testing
Ancient DNA Training
Environmental testing
Barrier remediation technologies testing Contact lab
Contaminant sources tracing Contact lab
Experimental and computer modeling of water-rock reactions Contact lab
Piezometers (Installation and monitoring) Contact lab
Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of mine waste materials Contact lab
Fuels Characterization
Geospatial and Mapping
Cartographic map creation Contact lab
Publication quality map generation Contact lab
Spatial analysis Contact lab
Geospatial project management Contact lab
Data collection Contact lab
Data management Contact lab
3D modelling  Contact lab
3D visualization Contact lab

Materials Characterization
Polymers Contact lab
Mineralogical (Services for Mining Exploration and Prospectors)
Experimental Services Contact lab
Fluid inclusion analysis Contact lab
Separations (e.g., heavy liquids) Contact lab
Molecular Synthesis and Analysis
Aqueous silicon chemistry Contact lab
Chemical characterization Contact lab
Fabrication of thin films Contact lab
Molecular modeling Contact lab
Nanostructured materials synthesis Contact lab
Nursery, Greenhouse and Plant Tissue

Wood Science Testing
If you are looking for an analytical service not listed below, please call Dr. Francis Appoh at 807-343-8853 or email him at to find out if we can provide the expertise you are looking for. 

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