Service: Wood mechanical and physical properties

You might be interested in the service if you are:
  • producing or developing new wood products
  • assessing wood quality from forest stands or wood sourced from different silvicultural trials
  • purchasing and distribute wood products commercially
  • requiring thermal testing (BTU) of waste stream material or other materials
Where samples typically come from
  • a variety of wood products in various stage of production and/or development

How you need to prepare the sample before submission. Instructions on sample submission
It is best to contact the lab before submitting your sample to find out how to collect a proper sample, and the dimensions required for testing.
What happens you your sample after we receive it.
We utilize the Tinius Olsen Universal Wood Testing  Machines (H10KT and H50KT) and a impact testing machine in our wood properties testing.  This is a new state-of-the-art machine which is an industry standard for measuring wood and wood product mechanical properties. The Tinius tests tension parallel and perpendicular to the grain, compression parallel to the grain, adhesives, nail and screw withdrawal, hardness, cleavage, 3-point flexure.  Results are logged via computer and sent to clients. We also utilize a Bomb Calorimeter for thermal testing of materials.
The samples are destructively sampled, so they will not be returned to you.
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Mat Leitch, PhD, Associate Professor in Wood Science

LUCAS Lakehead University