Service: Thin Section

You might be interested in this service if you:
  • represent a mineral exploration company,
  • are a prospector,
  • are responsible for materials procurement in road construction,
  • are a geologist.
Where samples typically come from
  • mines
  • pit quarries
  • prospector claims
Rock samples-typically cores or individual grab samples, require processing before they can be used for mineral analysis by either PLM (Polarizing Light Microscope, Microprobe and Scanning Electron Microscope/X-ray Microanalysis. The sample has to be thin enough for light to pass through in a light microscope and have a polished surface for electron microscope studies.
This is how we prepare your sample.
  • STEP 1: Cutting a slab
    A suitable size slab for mounting on a slide is cut from a piece of rock or drill core with a diamond saw.
  • STEP 2: Initial Lapping of the Slab
    The slab is labelled on one side and the other side is lapped flat and smooth first on a cast iron lap with 400grit carborundum, then finished on a glass plate with 600 grit carborondum
  • STEP 3: Glass Slide is Added
    After drying on a hot plate, a glass slide is glued to the lapped face of the slab with epoxy. 
  • STEP 4: Slab is sectioned
    Using a thin section saw, the slab is cut-off close to the slide. The thickness is further reduced on a thin section grind. Powders are mixed with expoxy, then spread on a slide and allowed to cure. The surface is ground flat on the thin section grinder, then finished similarly to a thin sections.
  • STEP 5: Final Lapping
    A finished thickness of 30 microns is achieved by lapping the section by hand on a glass plate with 600 grit carborundum. A fine grinding with 1000 grit prior to polishing is optional.
  • STEP 6: Polishing
    The section is placed in a holder and spun on a polishing machine using nylon cloth and diamond paste unitil a suitable polish is achieved for microscope or SEM studies.
  • STEP 7: Final inspection
Download the PDF that shows the steps, complete with photographs.
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