Service: Strategic, industrial and high-tech materials characterization

Strategic, industrial and high-tech materials characterization
You might be interested in this service if you:
  • represent a mineral exploration company,
  • represent a chemical manufacturing company,
  • are a prospector,
  • are a geologist, or
  • have a professional interests in solid state chemistry, metallurgy, materials analysis or crystallochemistry.
How you need to prepare the sample before submission. Instructions on sample submission.
Send or drop off a small sample (as small as 2-4 grams). No other preparation on your behalf is required. If you would like your sample returned after analysis, please let us know.
What happens to your sample after we receive it. Analytical Methods and Technical Information.
We will pulverize the sample and run an x-ray powder diffraction scan. We utilize a search/match program and our in-house materials scientist compiles a short report on the composition of your sample.
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For more information, please contact:
Dr. Andrew Conly, Director
Phone: 807-343-8643

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