Service: Mercury and methylmercury (total) in water, tissue, soil, sediment, hair, plant and

Mercury and methylmercury (total) in water, tissue, soil, sediment, hair, plant and vegetation
Interesting applications of this analysis:
  • Correlating fish tissue levels to hair sample levels to examine the amount of mercury consumed and retained by people in a mine-impacted area (point source)
  • Examining total mercury and methylmercury dynamics in peatlands under natural conditions and after peat harvesting
  • Monitoring levels of Hg, MeHg in natural water and food web
You might be interested in this service if you:
Would like to determine either total mercury or methylmercury (or both) in plant, fish tissue, biota, peat, sludge, sediment, soil, industrial samples.
Where samples typically come from:
  • Natural lakes and other habitats
  • Impacted areas (mine sites, forested areas, peatlands)
How you need to prepare the sample before submission. Instructions on sample
  • Biota, benthic, and fish tissues must be frozen before sending to the lab
  • Unfiltered water samples do not need to be frozen, are collected in glass bottles and preserved with hydrochloric acid
What happens you your sample after we receive them. Analytical Methods and Technical Information: 
  • Samples are first treated with a BrCl solution to completely oxidize Hg species to inorganic Hg for Total, after which samples are introduced to the Hg system
  • Samples for Methylmercury are distilled and ethylated prior to being introduced to the MeHg system
Samples are analyzed using methods modified from the following two EPA methods:
  • EPA 1630: Methyl Mercury in Water by Distillation, Aqueous Ethylation, Purge and Trap, and CVAFS
  • EPA 1631: Mercury in Water by Oxidation, Purge and Trap, and Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
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