Service: Fuel pellets & biomass testing

You might be interested in this service if you:
  • are currently producing biomass fuels,
  • are considering entering the biomass fuels market with your forest or agricultural waste products,
  • require analysis of raw fuel materials (feedstock) and resultant final product,
  • burn wood pellets to heat your home or farm and would like to know the chemical and physical composition of your fuel.
This is what we can tell you about your sample, when you order this service
Proximate Analysis
  • Thermal properties (calorimetry by LUWSTF) 
  • Moisture Content
  • Percent Ash
  • Percent Volatiles
  • Percent Fixed Carbon 
Chemical (Ultimate) Analysis
  • Total C, N, S
  • Full chemical analysis (Excluding H, O, and Cl)
Other Analyses
  • Bulk density
  • Percent fines
  • Physical testing (by LUWSTF)
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