Service: Foliar nutrient analysis

You might be interested in the service if you:
  • are trying to maximize your nutrient management program,
  • are an orchardist,
  • are an arborist caring for trees,
  • are a golf course superintendent.
How you need to prepare the sample before submission. Instructions on sample submission
Its best to contact the lab before submitting your sample to find out how to collect a proper sample. Different plants require different sampling techniques. Also, foliar and plant tissue samples degrade quickly and samples can get infected with mould. Therefore, samples need to be submitted as quickly as possible.
What happens to your sample after we receive it.  Analytical Methods and Technical Information.
If the samples are not dry, we dry them before we do anything else. Then we grind and sieve the sample the sample is then split into to two smaller samples with the first getting digested in acid and then run through an ICP-AES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emissions Spectrometer), which measures elements such as P, K, Mg, Ca etc. The second sub-sample is combusted in a LECO CNS-2000 and the gases are analysed for carbon, nitrogen and sulphur.
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