Service: Chemical characterization of air-sensitive samples using X-ray Diffraction

You might be interested in this service if you:

  • are a chemical supply company requiring third-party testing
  • need characterization of samples that are sensitive to air, humidity or oxygen.
What happens to your samples after we receive them.
The samples you send will be prepared in a glove box (inert atmosphere) and mounted in a specialized air-sensitive holder which is covered with Kapton foil to shield the sample from the environment. This allows the sample to be analysed without any contact with air or humidity. Samples are then loaded and x-rayed in our PANalytical X'Pert PRO MPD. Results are then analyzed and characterized (qualitatively and semi-quantitatively) before a final report is generated and sent to you.
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Lakehead University is the only analytical laboratory in Canada to offer this specialty service.
Dr. Francis Appoh, Manager
Phone: 807-343-8853

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