Service: Aquatic sediments

Aquatic sediments

LUEL is able to measure a variety of physical and chemical parameters on terrestrial soils and aquatic sediments including:
  • Pore water
  • Oven-dried weights
  • pH (soil to DDW ratio)
  • Conductivity
  • Extractable Phosphorous; Extractable metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn)
  • Total Nitrogen; Total Phosphorous
  • Total Mercury; Methylmercury

Interesting applications of this analysis:
  • Wetland sediment study investigating the phosphorous-uptake rate of wild rice as a means of remediation in a human-impacted eutrophic wetland
  • Identification of optimal soil conditions for the cultivation of blueberry plants as a possible reclamation tool for post harvest peatlands

You might be interested in this service if you:
Are investigating the properties of soils in natural or impacted areas
Where samples typically come from:
  • Lake and wetland sediments
  • Peatlands
  • Natural, pristine areas
  • Human-impacted areas of concern
How you need to prepare the sample before submission. Instructions on sample submission:
Sediment and soil samples are collected in plastic bags, double bagged, labeled and stored frozen until analysis
What happens to your samples after we receive them. Analytical Methods and Technical Information:
Soil samples:
Samples are defrosted, dried, crushed (if needed), and sieved
Sediment samples:
  • Samples are defrosted and homogenized before analysis as follows
  • Pore Water Extraction is done using centrifugation
  • Oven dried weight is determined after oven-drying and desiccation
  • Total Analysis is done using an aliquot of wet, homogenized sample and includes:
  • pH (soil to DDW ratio) and conductivity are measured potentiometrically in a supernatant liquid in equilibrium with a soil suspension
  • Extractable Phosphorus by ammonium fluoride extraction
  • Extractable metals (Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn)
  • Mercury (total mercury and methylmercury)
  • Organic matter by Loss-On-Ignition (LOI): sample is ashed at 600C
  • Bulk density: weight of soil per unit volume (g/cc)
  • Extractable Ammonia by potassium chloride extraction
  • Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen (by acid digestion and colorimetric determination)


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