LUMINX joins Lucas

On the 20th of April, the request for membership was approved and Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services officially welcomed LUMINX, Lakehead University Mineralogical and Experimental Laboratory, as a new member of LUCAS.

With the current growth of the resource sector in northwestern Ontario, companies require access to university based specialty services that are not routinely provided by most commercial firms.

LUMINX is designed to serve as a bridge between industry and university researchers by providing advanced mineralogical, environmental and geochemical services.

LUMINX seeks to promote and develop mineralogy-based research in the north, as well as keeping industrial-based funding and highly qualified personnel in northwestern Ontario.

Dr. Andrew G. Conly will be acting as Director of LUMINX and managing the analytical staff. Dr. Conly was recruited by Lakehead University in 2003 in order to provide strong research and teaching presence in mineral deposit geology, aqueous fluid and isotope geochemistry and environmental geochemistry, so as to maintain the Department of Geology’s strong track record of research in the Canadian Shield and to expand its capacity in applied mineralogy and geochemistry.

Also joining the LUMINX team is Dr. R.H. Mitchell; one of Canada’s leading mineralogists, a world expert on the petrology and mineralogy of diamond-bearing rocks, and the recipient of the Willet G. Miller Medal for geology. Dr. Ruslan Liferovich and Ms. Parisa Sattari will be providing the analytical services. Dr. Ruslan Liferovich, who works closely with Dr. Mitchell is an expert in the field of mantle-derived rock petrology, experimental mineralogy, and phase composition determination.

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