New lab to provide geospatial services to the region

Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services welcomes a new lab into its fold; Lakehead University Geospatial Data Centre or LUGDC. The new lab plans to offer services associated with geospatial data mapping. Planned services will include cartographic map creation, publication quality map generation, spatial analysis, geospatial project management, data collection, data management, 3D modelling and 3D visualization.
LUGDC has equipment consisting of a Large Area scanner, GPS units, GPS digital cameras, large format scanner and tablets with GIS software in the Geography Department. The heart of the Geospatial Data Centre is a geospatial server and a growing collection of regional, national and international spatial data. Services will include: map creation, data acquisition, spatial analysis, image analysis, 3D modelling and 3D visualization.
Please contact Ryan Garnet, Geospatial Data Manager for more information.
Phone: 807-343-8548

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