The Aquatic Toxicology Research Centre prepares to serve municipalities

New environmental legislation which will affect Ontario municipalities is on the horizon. This legislation will require municipalities to periodically test waste water treatment plants for aquatic toxicity and is anticipated to go to third reading in early 2011. The proposed legislation will help ensure Ontario’s waterways remain clean by detecting problems with waste water treatment plants earlier so corrective measures can be implemented in a more timely fashion.
Lakehead University’s Aquatic Toxicological Research Centre (ATRC) will provide these toxicology services to Ontario municipalities. In preparation, laboratory staff have obtained the methods for this analysis and are currently outfitting the laboratory with the proper equipment.
ATRC also serves various industrial sectors, including pulp and paper, and mining by providing aquatic toxicological testing. For more information the Laboratory staff would love to answer any questions you may have. Telephone: 807-343-8179

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