New equipment increases LUCAS' capability for biomass characterization

The Forest Resources and Soils Testing (FoReST) Laboratory is now equipped with a new piece of analytical instrumentation, the LECO TGA-701 Thermogravimetric Analyzer. The LECO TGA-701 is a unit that combines the heating and burning capacity of a muffle furnace with a 20-position automated carousel and highly accurate, four-point internal balance. The TGA-701 has the ability to burn samples in either an oxygen or nitrogen atmosphere for a diversity of applications.
The LECO TGA-701 is commonly used to measure parameters such as moisture content, percent volatile matter, ash, fixed carbon, and organic matter estimation by loss-on-ignition (LOI), and on a wide variety of sample types such as soil, coal, wood, food products etc. New methods can also be created and individually tailored for specific applications; users are able to define the ramp rate, temperature, duration, gas type, flow rate etc

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