New HPLC will increase Lakehead's capacity to analyze new products from the Northern Ontario forest-based bioeconomy

New Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer at Lakehead University Instrumentation Lab
Lakehead University’s Instrumentation Laboratory has acquired a new Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph – Mass Spectrometer (UHPLC-MS) thanks to the joint efforts of LUCAS and the Bio-refining Research Initiative (BRI).  Though really two separate instruments, together they make up one powerful analytical tool able to separate a mixture into individual components using the UHPLC and then determining the mass of those separated components in the mass spectrometer (MS).
The Dionex UHPLC is essentially an HPLC with several additional advantages. It is able to withstand the high back pressure generated from using smaller columns, with a finer particle size, as well the tubing has a smaller internal diameter. What this means is faster runs, better resolution, and lower running costs for the users.

This instrument acquisition has greatly increased the analytical tool-box for Lakehead University, potentially benefitting the research efforts of a number of Lakehead University researchers from Anthropology, Biology, Bio-refining, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and the Northern Ontario Medical School. Of these researchers, those from Lakehead University’s BRI, anticipate that after some method development, the system will be able help identify and categorize the carbohydrates they have been working on. Other Lakehead University researchers hope to utilize the UHPLC-MS to conduct research which can lead to the development of medical treatment compounds. These compounds are analogous to chemicals naturally occurring in nature.

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