Materials Research Update

February 10,2005.


Dr. R. H. Mitchell and his associates, who include Dr. Ruslan Liferovich, continue to make advancements in their research of the properties of strategic and high-tech materials.  In the past two years, R. Mitchell has published 20 articles in solid state chemistry and materials analysis journals.  The research, covering the fields of crystallochemistry, mineralogy, petrology and metallurgy, may very well lead to the development of innovative new products from ferroelectric and dielectric materials. Research, development and manufacturing of these products are core to some of the worlds leading economies and products developed from research into these materials have included miniaturization of phones, memory systems as well as new types of displays. Many consider these innovative designs to be just the tip of the iceberg in potential applications from these promising materials. R. Mitchell’s work on mineral and inorganic compound synthesis also offers a great potential for resolving one of the world’s greatest environmental concerns, the permanent and secure storage of radioactive waste.



Turning research  into innovative new technologies

As a means of transferring this leading edge information, Dr. Mitchell has consulted with a number of the world’s leading developers of new mineral deposits. 


Providing technology transfer on a routine basis as well access to the specialized analytical facilities at Lakehead University’s Instrumentation Laboratory,   R. Liferovich offers consulting services for the investigation of solid materials and minerals. His clients include some of North America’s leading chemical manufacturers and exploration companies. Materials analysis reports can be generated in days, helping leading edge, forward-looking companies develop new products and stay competitive.



LUCAS Lakehead University