New Service: Semi-Quantative Phase Analysis

LUCAS now offers Semi-Quantative Phase Analysis to the Exploration and Mineralogy community. Fast, cost-effect results can be yours.
  1. Phase analysis service is FAST (as few as 3 days) and ideal for identification of difficult alteration minerals!
  2. LOW COST alternative to thin sections and petrography. Contact us for pricing information. 
Here is how it works:
You send us (or drop off) a small rock sample (as small as a 2-4 grams). We pulverize your sample, and run an X-ray powder diffraction scan. We use a search/match program to identify candidate phases that match your diffraction pattern. The phases that match your pattern are semi-quantified and you receive a printout of the pattern and the semi-quantitative phases.
For Example:
Other LUCAS Services include:
  • Thin section preparation
  • X-ray EDS phase ID
  • Diamond-bearing indicator minerals
  • PGM/Ta/Nb/Cs mineralization
  • Quantitative grain analysis- EDS
  • Quantitative mineral analysis by XRD
  • Rietveld Methods
For more information contact:
Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS)
955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, P7B 5E1
Allan MacKenzie, Director
Analytical and Research Services
807-343-8853 Fax 807-346-7864

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