LUCAS offers specialty materials services

New specialty materials services are being offered by LUIL's Material Scientist Dr. Shannon Zurevinski (PhD in Mineralogy and Geochemistry) who is an expert in the field of petrology of mantle-derived rocks and experimental mineralogy.  Shannon was recently hired as a research scientist with funding coming from Industry Canada’s Community Adjustment Fund. She is working in collaboration with Drs. Roger Mitchell Lionel Catalan and Steve Kinrade on developing new analytical services with industry applications. Shannon Zurevinski’s research is focused on the genesis, evolution and late stage formation of mantle-derived alkaline, ultramafic and carbonatite rocks.
In the spring of 2009, Lakehead acquired a PanAlytical MPD X-ray diffractometer (XRD for short). This unit is used for materials identification and phase characterization. It has applications in most fields, including chemical engineering, chemistry, geochemistry, geology, mineralogy and environmental sciences. Sroden et al. (2001) summarized the capabilities of XRD for geoscience and concluded “X-ray powder diffraction remains the best available technique for the identification of minerals in fine-grained materials such as soils, rock dust, building debris and rocks”. This is a non-destructive technique that involves much less time than most geoscientific analysis.
This application can be important to clientele from all different aspects of industry. Dr. Zurevinski is developing and providing a number of services:
  1. Environmental engineering applications include analysis of corrosion material, alteration material and clay analysis,
  2. Qualitative (and Quantitative) analysis of chemicals and compounds,
  3. Forensic Mineralogy, where it can identify primary minerals of a small sample size (and is non-destructive),
  4. Geological applications that would serve exploration companies and geotechnical engineering companies (e.g. zeolite analysis), and
  5. Cement and clinker analysis (both qualitative and quantitative) for geotechnical engineering companies and related fields.
Shannon recently received extensive training on quantitative XRD phase analysis using Rietveld Methods alongside NASA personelle who utilize a similar unit in characterization of extraterrestrial minerals. Shannon is available for consultation for exploration companies in need of advanced mineralogical expertise using techniques such as SEM/EDS and XRD.
For more information, please contact:
Allan MacKenzie, Manager
Phone: 807-343-8853

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