LUCAS laboratories support research and training for the Atikokan Bio-Energy Research Centre.

    Students and researchers at Lakehead University are preparing to start new projects in clean energy research this fall. The McGuinty government will be investing $4 million in the Atikokan Bio-Energy Research Centre to support six innovative projects that will include research and testing in northern Ontario. Three of the projects will involve Lakehead University and LUCAS facilities; SEM, XRD, GCMS in LUIL, environmental analysis and field testing in LUEL, toxicology facilities in ATRC, and wood testing in the WSTL.  Students are currently enrolled in training programs (Advanced Research Methodologies 5251) for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDXA, X-ray Diffraction and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy to give them the necessary skills to investigate new bio-fuels from biomass and novel products from combustion of biomass.
    The projects which include; co-firing peat and forest biomass with coal, environmental impacts of peat as a potential energy source, and utilizing wood biomass for energy production, will provide training to students, increasing our expertise in bio-energy and helping to create a competitive advantage for Ontario-based companies, as well as working towards a more sustainable energy future for Ontario.

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