FTIR Facilities

The Lakehead University Instrumentation Laboratory operates research grade spectroscopy facilities including a FTIR, preparation equipment and windows based spectroscopy software. In 2005, the instrument was upgraded to a Bruker Tensor37 funded by a A. Conly- CFI grant.


  • Bruker Tensor 37 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer.
  • Bruker Hyperion 2000- IR Microscope with 4x, 15x and 36x objectives and polarizer.
  • NIR Source
  • InGaAs Detector 12.8-5.8 K
  • Auto mirror selector
  • CAF2 10- 1.650 Cm-1 beam splitter
  • OPUS site licence for Lakehead University.
  • ATR (attenuated total reflectance) and diffuse reflectance accessories including Pike MIRacel with ZnSe crystal and with ATR-Ge objective (20x) for the IR microscope
  • Hydraulic press for KBr disk production
  • Spectral libraries, search and match software (Sadtler IR-SearchMaster 6.0, FIveash-Polymer and Mineral), functional group database

LUCAS Lakehead University