MCS Staff

Dr. Stephen Kinrade Professor and Chemistry Chair at Lakehead University, specializes in inorganic and physical chemistry.  In particular, Dr. Kinrade and his research team are looking at various aspects of aqueous silicon chemistry, ranging from industrial to biological applications.
Tele: 807-343-8683
Location: CB 4036

Dr. Aicheng Chen Canada Research Chair in material and environmental chemistry at Lakehead University is applying his knowledge of materials science and nanotechnology towards developing novel Green Technologies.
Tele: 807-343-8318
Location: CB 4037

Dr. Robert Mawhinney is an Assistant Professor at Lakehead University who specializes in Physical Chemistry and Molecular Modelling. He focuses on exploring concepts related to chemical bonding and predicting molecular properties as well as designing molecules with properties tailored to specific purposes.
Tele: 807-343-8245
Location: CB 4062

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